Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New band alert: Echosmith

Warning: The following information might make you feel sick. Every member in today's featured band was born in the 1990s. Their drummer, aged 14, is not old enough to remember the Spice Girls first time around. Combine their ages and the total is still four years younger than Mick Jagger.

They cannot buy beer, they cannot rent a car, they have never lived in a world without Playstation. But you'd better get used to it, because there's a very high possibility that Echosmith are going to be inescapable.

Formed in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, they are a real-life Partridge Family: Four clean-living siblings who just happen to be incredibly musically gifted. They are Jamie Sierota (19, guitar), Noah Sierota (17, bass), Graham Sierota (14, drums) and Sydney Sierota (15, vocals).

"We can be really straightforward with each other," says Sydney of being in a band with her brothers. "We let each other know if we really hate an idea. Nobody's being too sensitive here."

Of course, being teenagers, their entire life has been documented in exhaustive detail on Facebook. Here's their story so far, plucked directly from their timeline:

1) "Hey guys, let's start the band right here"

2) The early, brattish era (aka The Hanson era).
At this point, Echosmith were called Ready Set Go.

3) Early lesson: Never have a press shot taken on a moving escalator.

4) The awkward teenage years.

5) The moody teenage years.

6) Signing a deal with Warner Bros.

7) Becoming quite good at concerts now.

8) Styled, coiffed and ready for world domination.

Aw, bless their little cotton socks.

The band have just put a free EP up on their website - inspired, they say, by the likes of The Smiths, New Order, Fleetwood Mac and The Killers. To me, it sounds like super-polished indie pop: Somewhat polite but exceptionally catchy, like Foster The People.

The lead track is called Cool Kids which, says Jamie, is "about a boy and girl who want to be like the cool kids that they see around them." He adds, sagely: "It may seem hard to believe when you don't fit in, but the truth is nobody is really cooler than anybody else."

So now you know.

Echosmith - Cool Kids

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