Monday, June 24, 2013

Congratulations, the record-buying public

Well done, everyone. By the looks of this afternoon's iTunes chart, it looks like the inexplicable 14-month delay has done nothing to harm the chances of Icona Pop's shouty pop monster, I Love It.

(We'll just ignore that the sex-pest anthem of the summer is still number one, shall we?)

But now that we've got that out of our system, we need a new cause célèbre. To which end, allow me to nominate Icona Pop's countrymen NONONO. Fronted by Stina Wäppling (amazing name) and backed by Astma and Rockwell (whose credits include Icona Pop, natch) they describe themselves as urban-indie, which essentially means they make pop music for bloggists.

It is also worth noting that Stina has not exactly been hit with the ugly stick.

In the normal course of things, NONONO would make it onto the B-list at 6 Music and sell about 34 records. But if we can make Icona Pop proper chart stars, we can do anything. ANYTHING! (maniacal laugh)

Their latest single is called Pumping Blood - but you could take your pick from any of the songs they've uploaded to Soundcloud.

NONONO - Pumping Blood

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