Monday, June 3, 2013

Alert: There is new music from TLC!

As if to atone for the debacle that was Stooshe's Waterfalls, the song's original vocalists TLC have dragged themselves out of retirement to appear on J Cole's new single.

For those of you who don't remember, TLC were briefly the most successful all-female act in the history of recorded music, before they went bankrupt and mental. They were called exotic things like T-Boz, Chilli and Left Eye (RIP). They won four Grammys and wore condoms on their faces. And they made this song.

And they made this song.

And they made this song.

And they made this song (which is responsible for a million other tedious girlband "anthems" about loving the way you look and not taking any nonsense from anyone, least of all "your man").

In case you don't get how awesome and groundbreaking TLC were at the height of their powers, here is a list of things TLC are better than:

:: En Vogue
:: Destiny's Child
:: The Supremes
:: The Spice Girls
:: B*Witched
:: The Beatles
:: Any other band whose name is a mnemonic for the members' names
:: Yes, that includes ABBA
:: Tigers

So, it's decided, then: TLC rule.

This new song is called Crooked Smile and it has the band's gorgeous, croaky harmonies all over it, supplemented by a Benny-and-the-Jets piano and (hooray!) a fulsome gospel choir. It's from a new J Cole album or something but, let's face it, this post isn't about him at all.

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