Thursday, June 6, 2013

A new song comes out of Ria Ritchie

Who the heck is Ria Ritchie?
She's a tiny lady with a big voice and even bigger hair.
Here she is wearing a lemon tea cosy on her head.

Wait. Haven't I seen her somewhere before?
Yes, she sang on Disclosure's breakout hit Control last summer.

I've just checked, and that song isn't on their album.
No, which is a shame because it's a dozen times better than some of the rubbish that did make the final cut.

Oh, come on. The reviews been brilliant? It's the dance album of the summer for people who don't think the Daft Punk album is the dance album of the summer.
This reviewer wasn't so keen. Admittedly, one star is too harsh, but a lot of the time Disclosure seem to run out of ideas and press the "wobble" button until the song ends.

So Ria Ritchie, then?
Yes, sorry. Ria comes from Lowestoft and has been self-releasing VERY GOOD singles like Only One and Something About You over the last year.

That last one sounds like Katy B.
I know.

Do all of her songs sound like Katy B?
No. Ria is an "accomplished songwriter" and can do all sorts of things. For example, her new EP is a collection of acoustic numbers.

Oh God, no.
Don't worry, it's not a total borefest. The lead track, Wrong Side Of Paradise, has a bassline that's twistier than a slinky. And the final one, Peculiar, was written with Plan B "over a bottle of JD".

Isn't that how all songs are written?
No, Dave Grohl writes all of his songs over a bottle of plum juice. Rihanna prefers a weak lime cordial. Ed Sheeran can only absorb liquids by osmosis.

Is this particular song any good, then?
The acoustic version is very pleasant in a Natalie Imbruglia sort of way. But the final mix, with clattering drums and apocalyptic strings is basically indestructible.

Oooh, good. When is that coming out?
Who knows? Ria is still unsigned - but I suspect that situation is about to change.

Where can I find out more?
Ria Ritchie is on Facebook and Twitter. And here is an interview she did with some bloke at the BBC last year. And, of course, you can buy her EP on the iTunes.

Ria Ritchie - Wrong Side Of Paradise

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