Thursday, May 30, 2013

Venetian pop update pt 2

One of the joys of being abroad is checking out the music on their local music TV station, which is invariably called something like Deejay247 or Hitzsonic or Das Ist Musik Hits Superstar Party!

It's always informative to see how other countries view the current music scene. In Italy I've learnt three things.

1) Caro Emerald is, like, a really big deal in continental Europe.

2) If in doubt, you can't go wrong with a Phil Collins track.

3) There's a band called Wankelmut.

Sadly, Wankelmut is not a badly disguised euphemism for "canine handjob" but is instead a German word for someone who is fickle. It is also the nom de pop of Berlin producer Jacob Dil├čner.

Jacob, a former political science student, is currently enjoying a massive Europe-wide hit with the song My Head Is A Jungle, featuring vocals from Aussie songstress Emma Louise. If you can forgive the piss-poor video, the song is a delectable addition to your summer pop playlist.

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