Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Saturdays pucker up... to themselves

The Saturdays' new single, Gentlemen, is endearingly daft. The lyrics make almost no sense ("a good husband is so 1999??") but it's a relief to get a flicker of personality from the notoriously bland fivesome. The best bit is obviously the rap, but it all chugs along like a jaunty toy train.

The video was unveiled this morning, and it doesn't do much to up the sanity stakes. It finds the girls in a hopelessly green-screened Desperate Housewives suburban scenario, waving around garden tools and pruning their bushes. Then they all dress up as men. And then they lean in to kiss each other. Because, well... Oh, I don't know.

The Saturdays - Gentlemen

PS: That's not how you pronounce Ryan Gos-a-ling, Vanessa.

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