Thursday, May 16, 2013

New music: Py - Polyethers

If you always thought James Blake would sound better as a woman, then you're in luck. Py, the stage name of Brighton's Jade Pybus, is making music that's every bit as experimental and adventurous as old Blakey, with the added benefit that she doesn't permanently sound on the verge of dozing off. Here she is, about to ruin her make-up with a pack of Juicy Fruit.

"I've been singing since forever," Py told Fact Magazine last year. "But I wanted to work with producers who normally sample vocals, and spin that on its head". The end result is textured, entrancing 21st Century soul that takes an unexpected journey into the unknown. Py describes it as "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill made by a white girl" - so we can expect her to go bonkers and start ranting about "existential and economic freedom" in about, oh, 18 months time.

In fact, she's already a little barmy, telling Mixmag that, while studying music at university, "I would use only my voice to make tracks, and rather than use effects or technology I would hang myself upside down and essentially throw my voice." Crikey.

Py's beguiling new single is the science-y sounding Polyether. Listen to it in the sunshine. I guarantee it'll make the day 3.142 times more lovely.

PS: If you like that, check out Py's superb Tripping On Wisdom mixtape from last year.

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