Monday, May 13, 2013

New Katy B single: What Love Is Made Of

The music industry is a big clockwork machine, its giant cogs rotating slowly on a 20-year cycle. So the current 1990s house revival was only to be expected, with Disclosure, Duke Dumont and Chris Malinchak borrowing their trancey synths and D&B fills from the likes of Livin Joy and Baby D (remember them?). It’s giving me flashbacks to university club nights, making me feel both 20 years younger and really, really old.

Katy B was only five in 1995, but she’s absorbed all the sounds and samples of the era like a little baby sponge of music. Her exuberant new single, What Love Is Made Of, should come with a complementary can of Tango, a fold-out poster of Marky Mark and a collectible Tazo token.

The song premiered on Annie Mac’s Radio One show on Friday, shortly followed by an official link on Katy’s Soundcloud page. I look forward to the Tony DeVit remix.

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