Friday, May 31, 2013

Icona Pop have a new single (former single yet to be released)

It seems that even Icona Pop are fed up waiting for their record company to release I Love It in the UK. According to the current schedule, it's supposed to be out on 30 June - more than a year after it's European release - and Radio 1 have finally put it on their C playlist this week, so maybe the track won't sink without a trace after all. WELL DONE EVERYONE.

Meanwhile, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo have written and released a new song 'pon de internet. It's called Girlfriend and it interpolates the chorus of Tupac's Me And My Girlfriend (also known from Beyonce and Jay-Z's Bonnie And Clyde 03). Cleverly, Icona Pop have thwacked the melody with a metronome - a little twist that stops the song being a pure cover version. With a hedonistic "young, wild and free" lyric and a na-na-na refrain, it's only a synth handclap away from being the perfect pop record.

Lovely stuff.

Icona Pop - Girlfriend

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