Thursday, April 4, 2013

Still not a proper single: Beyoncé's new song


The latest clip in the seemingly never-ending countdown to Beyoncé's fifth album is a minute-long excerpt of a new song called Grown Woman. It's the soundtrack to a new Pepsi advert, which (confusingly) goes by the separate name Mirrors. I'm writing this before it comes out, so delete anything that doesn't apply.

This is incredible / awful. A ground-breaking / woeful, sonic experiment / disaster. This elevates / tosses Beyoncé into the musical elite / pop dumper, where she will rub shoulders with the likes of Elvis / Olly Murs. We're glad / upset that she's back, and look forward to / have cancelled our pre-order for her new album.

The video looks like this.

Beyonce - Mirrors

PS This whole "Bey Here Now" hashtag - has Beyoncé never heard of Oasis? Or is this a tacit admission that her new record is a grandiose cocaine-fuelled failure?

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