Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New from Polica & Bon Iver: Tiff

Another busy week - we're moving house on Friday (*touches wood vigorously*) - so apologies for sporadic breaks in the blog stream. Anyway, this caught my ear during the process of putting my life into cardboard boxes: A new single from Minneapolis spook-pop outfit Poli├ža, whose debut album Give You The Ghost was my go-to late night record last year.

They specialise in slippery melodies and curveball soundscapes - making them something of an acquired taste. But if you swim in their waters long enough, you'll eventually be pulled under by the musical current.

Tiff is the name of their new song and, with their big bag of sonic tricks left relatively unplundered, it's a good, straightforward introduction to the band's sound. Justin Vernon from Bon Iver pops up to duet with Channy Leaneagh (that's her above). And the lyrics, helpfully posted on their Twitter account yesterday, are beautifully elliptical.

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