Monday, April 29, 2013

New discovery: Die & Jenna G - 1,000 Soul Songs

Sometimes a song comes along with its arms wide open and says, "c'mon then, bugalugs, give us a hug". This is one of those songs.

It's called 1,000 Soul Songs and it comes from Bristolian drum & bass pioneer DJ Die and a singer he calls Jennalope Gee, whose real name is Jenna Gibbons, and whom the rest of us are supposed to call Jenna G [Sort it out - nomenclature Ed].

Soulful, summery and sensuous, it'll take you back to 1995, when The Brand New Heavies and Eternal and Jamiroquai dominated the airwaves. The difference is (a) it's really good, and (b) the next song you hear won't be Oasis.

1,000 Soul Songs is already on the B-list at Radio 1 Xtra. By the time it gets released in June, expect it to have made the leap across to "proper" Radio 1. Hugs all round, then.

Die & Jenna G - 1,000 Soul Songs

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