Monday, April 29, 2013

Daft Punk: How it could have sounded

An email zapped into my inbox over the weekend from Canadian DJ M-Rock, who you might remember for the brilliant, heartfelt Beastie Boys megamix he created in tribute to Adam Yauch last year. He'd been listening to Daft Punk's new single and there was something he needed to get off his chest.

"The thing with the Daft Punk song," he wrote, "is, even though I love the risk they've taken, it doesn't totally knock the room down. I wanted to hear a funky brass band and a section of violinists bending their necks towards their instruments on top. I was picturing a band like this:"

(Flares ahoy: It's Chic in their 1970s heyday)

"So," added M-Rock, "that's what I did."

His funkatronic re-twizzle of Get Lucky is a swift kick to Daft Punk's disco balls. The horn stabs and sumptuous strings are beamed straight from Studio 54 - and the groove is authentic Chic, not studio geek. Above all, M-Rock obeys the first golden rule of music production: If the chorus isn't working, slap on a tambourine.


Daft Punk ft Pharrell - Get Lucky (M's Bangin' Disco Mix)

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