Friday, March 1, 2013

Ron de Replay

Get your fishnet gloves at the ready, 'cos here's a new single from 80s throwback pop sensation Ronkia.

Regular viewers might remember I was very excited about Ronika this time last year - but then she sort of disappeared. There was a remix for Little Boots, a sampladelic mixtape, some vague mutterings about Berlin - and then she caught pneumonia. Luckily, the doctors patched her lungs up, and Ronika is back, Back, BACK!!

Her new single Rough and Soothe is bouncier than a Tigger, and twice as much fun. It also features the lyric of the year: "Bossa nova / Casanova / Play it nice and slow on my Casio, will ya?" Sadly, it does not contain the equally-amazing verse Ronika tweeted last week: "Does your love only come, does your love only come, does he only come, in a volvo?"

Not bad for someone who says she struggles with words, and has to "go shoplifting" for her lyrics.

The good news with this single is that it heralds the arrival of Ronika's debut album. No firm release date yet, but as the Nottingham singer has yet to put a foot wrong, it's already a dead cert for my end of year list.

No pressure, then...

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