Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New music from Haim, Jessie Ware and MKS

Ring the "guaranteed Discopop blog post" alarm - there's new music on the internet by Haim (incredible), Jessie Ware (amazing) and MKS (let's just wait and see what the album's like).

1) Haim - Falling (Psychemagik remix)
Oh Haim, with your slick Californian rock guitars and your haircuts like Alanis Morisette circa 1995, how could we love you more? I'll tell you how: With a corking remix. And this remix is so corking, Moet and Chandon are going to take it round the bike sheds and get it pregnant.

2) Jessie Ware - Pom Pom Pom Special Delivery
OK, Jessie Ware's new single is really called Imagine It Was Us - but some cretin at Radio One has ruined it by making a man shout "Pom Pom Pom Special Delivery" all over the top of it. Suitable for the new Skrillex single, perhaps, but it completely kills Ware's slinky 80s groove (produced by Julio Bashmore, who's clearly been listening to Cherelle's Saturday Love).

If this aural spam makes you dismember your ears and hide them under a cushion, fear not: We'll get to hear the unspoiled song in a week or two. At her last London show, Ware revealed that Imagine It Was Us was coming out as a single. She filmed the video 10 days ago, "with choreography and everything". Until them: Pom Pom Pom Special fucking Delivery.

3) Phoenix ft MKS - Entertainment (Blood Orange remix)
I mentioned Phoenix's excellent new single in a previous new music round-up. Now it has added backing vocals from Mutya Keisha and Siobhan, making it approximately 2,563% better. It may be another service station on the road to fresh material from the old new new old Sugababes, but it's a service station with luscious harmonies hiding amongst the sausage rolls. Magnificent.

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