Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What does the internet know about AlunaGeorge?

Amazing musical portmanteau AlunaGeorge have just announced their new single, Attracting Flies. If you haven't been following the progress of the St Albans-based band, where have you been? They were the most-blogged about artists of 2012 (ok, not necessarily a recommendation) and came second in the BBC's Sound Of 2013 list.

As a result, the "proper" media has latched onto the future-funk electro-pop R&B duo and booked some interviews. Here's what we've found out by reading all the articles about Aluna Francis (she's the girl) and George Reid (he's not the girl) we could find.

:: They met on MySpace. "It didn't seem weird at the time," confessed Aluna, "but when you say that now it sounds a bit geeky! Like a dating agency or something." [The Line Of Best Fit]

:: They bonded over a shared love of Radiohead. Aluna gets a little squiffy about Thom Yorke. "I cried at his gig and everyone around me was like 'Are you okay?' and I was crying going, 'I'm fine! I'm just a really big fan! Just don't look at me!" [The Fader]

:: George got his first CD player in 1996. It was a Christmas present, and it came with Michael Jackson's HIStory and Huge Hits 96, which included such era-defining tracks as Breakfast At Tiffanys, Mysterious Girl and Ooh Ah, Just A Little Bit. You can clearly hear the traces of those classics in his current "oeuvre". [Mobo]

:: Writing music is easy peasy. "We've got good beats that are either sexy or dancey and then songs on top," says Aluna. [BBC]

:: Porn has not been ruled out as a career option. "Where will we be in five years? Getting our baps and balls out for money." [Idol]

:: Debut album Body Music is designed for a variety of uses, like a swiss army knife. "From dancing in front of the mirror, studying, or kissing your new boyfriend or girlfriend, painting a picture; there's a song for each kind of mood," says Aluna. [Digital Spy]

:: George is aware that he is the band's Chris Lowe. "When we were working together at first I didn't really see us being a band," he said. "I thought, 'Aluna's the thing here.'" But his foil "hated the idea of being a solo artist". [Evening Standard]

:: The duo have big ambitions. "Moon," declares Aluna. "First band to play on the moon." [The Brits]

Attracting Flies is out on 10 March, but Body Music won't be in shops until July.

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