Friday, February 22, 2013

The Brits, a tragic love story and One Direction larking about with the PM

Hello! If it's Friday, it must be the weekly round-up of videos you "may have missed" (ie completely ignored) over the last seven days. Let's start here:

1) Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble: Live at the Brits

It really shouldn't have been this easy for Taylor Swift to steal the show at the Brits, but she was truly the Goldilocks in an arena full of dozing bears. I mean, it really was awful, wasn't it? Hideously, offensively dull. I've eaten chips with more personality than Tom Odell. None of the winners had anything to say, none of the performances had any spark, and anyone who dared raise the tempo above "snail in a headwind" was basically banned for life. Did the industry look at the Olympics and think, "we've had enough exposure for one year, let's just pretend we're running the b-stage at Latitude?" Because that's what it felt like.

Holy Moly posted a great analysis piece yesterday (headline "Emeli Sande is not the best at anything") which explained Ben 'Ken' Howard's mystifying double win: "If you have a vote where second choices are counted then you tend to end up with a winner who no one hated, rather than the best in their category." Meanwhile, I had a go at making sense of the whole night in a slightly less grumpy, BBC-approved format over here.

So, here's Taylor Swift, an American country music singer playing a dubstep rave track - thereby making her the most relevant act of the show. Well played, everybody.

2) Kodaline - High Hopes

Kodaline have been dubbed "the Irish Coldplay" but before you go and suffocate yourself with a damp towel, give this song a chance. Yes, it's a sorrowful, romantic power ballad. But the video will stay with you all weekend.

3) One Direction - One Way Or Another

There are two ways of looking at this video by perma-quiffed bumfluff pop band One Direction.
A: What a bunch of irritating little shitbags.
B: If I was in One Direction, I would be an smug little scrote, too.
Basically, it's five young boys who've hit the jackpot, making the most of their 15 minutes and looking like they're having incredible fun while they do it. It's all for charity, anyway, so you're not allowed to complain.

4) Duke Dumont ft A*M*E - 100%

Duke Dumont was previously best known for his DJ sets and remixes for the likes of Bat For Lashes and Metronomy. 110% is, as far as I can tell, his debut solo single and it's a fab calling card, with a pumping retro house vibe. I featured the audio in last week's "songs you may have missed" column, now it has a video to go with it. There's a cute little conceit about a man who's swallowed a cassette recorder (ask your dad) and a lot of very silly dancing. I like the guy with the blonde afro best.

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