Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sam Smith: Great name, great songs

If ever an artist needed to change their name before launching a music career, it's Sam Smith. I'm not suggesting anything as drastic as Englebert Humperdinck or Marilyn Manson - but something a little more showbiz seems appropriate. Maybe he could take the "two first names" approach of Elton John or George Michael or Brian Harvey. Failing that, I predict big things for any artist called Julius Spang or Gustav Amadeus Schmëlling.

ANYWAY. The point of all this nonsense is that Sam Smith has a new record out. His last chart appearance, you may recall, was Disclosure's excellent Latch towards the end of last year. Disclosure are back on production duties on this single, Lay Me Down, but Sam has been promoted from featured artist to solo performer.

The other big change is that, instead of the deep house vibes of Disclosure's previous records, Lay Me Down is a classy, luscious soul ballad, with the sort of keening vocals that remind me of Daniel Merriweather - whose recent career suggests I'm completely wrong about the whole "choose a memorable name" thing.

Ah well. Here's the song.

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