Friday, January 4, 2013

Portentous pop alert: Hurts are back

Besuited pop sophisticrats Hurts premiered their new single on Radio 1 this morning. It's called Miracle and it finds Theo under a dark cloud. "No love, no light, no end in sight," he intones ominously over a gloomy electro thrum. What a misery-guts, eh readers?.

To be fair, there's an attempt to lift the mood with some sprightly "hoping for a miracle" backing vocals, and the late addition of a tinkly piano riff - but all that achieves is to make the song sound like Keane doing a Depeche Mode cover.

So, Miracles won't damage Hurts's "big in Germany" reputation - but what will it do for their UK fanbase? The jury is out. Which is weird, because I don't think juries normally decide on that sort of thing. Your thoughts, please, in the comments section.

Hurts - Miracle

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