Friday, January 18, 2013

Kimberley Walsh stands in a room full of sparkles and sings her new song for you

So far, the Girls Aloud solo albums have played it safe - content not to stray beyond the borders of the band's pop heartland. But Kimberley Walsh is doing it a little differently. Her debut solo record, Centre Stage, is a collection songs from film and theatre musicals, recorded for proper posho classical label Decca.

Among the standards she's covered is On My Own, from Les Miserables - a song she used to watch from the wings when she played Young Cosette in the stage show in her youth. She later performed it in the West End as part of ITV 2's Passions Of Girls Aloud series.

But the song she's chosen as the first single is a slight cheat. One Day I'll Fly Away was originally a top 40 hit for soul singer Randy Crawford in 1980, and only fits the brief for Kimberley's album because Nicole Kidman covered it in Moulin Rouge. It's like rock week on X Factor when everyone covers Travis and Avril Lavigne "because they've got guitars in".

However, Kimberley's arrangement of the song is rather sweet, pushing her vocals to the forefront with just a sparse drum pulse and some beautifully-judged string textures for company. The expensive-looking video is below.

Kimberley Walsh - One Day I'll Fly Away

If that's all too sombre for you, check out the Alias mix, which basically turns the song into Gangnam Style. Or re-live this moment from Strictly Come Dancing. Ay caramba!

Kimberley and Pasha - Crazy In Love

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