Friday, January 4, 2013

Haim dance like Britney Spears

Hooray for Haim, who have topped the BBC's Sound Of 2013 list. This year's poll was an odd one. I can't see any of the artists in the top 15 shifting crateloads of CDs to Asda, in the way previous winners Jessie J and Adele (with the possible exception of Laura Mvula), but for the first time I genuinely like every act in the top five.

Haim, especially, have done something very special by cross-breeding Californian folk-rock and girlband R&B. Imagine The Mamas and The Papas covering Say My Name and you get the idea. Or maybe you don't. It might be easier if you just listen to their single, Don't Save Me.

Haim - Don't Save Me

I was lucky enough to interview the girls when they were in London last year - and that article is running on the BBC news website this morning. But I'm gutted I didn't get to attend the video shoot that runs alongside the text story, because Este Haim stood in Madam Tussauds and unabashedly performed the dance routine from Oops! I Did It Again for the camera. Twice.

The rushes are amazing but I'm afraid you'll have to make do with the edit. Here it is.

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