Saturday, January 12, 2013

Destiny's Child comeback leaks online

It's existence was only revealed on Thursday, but Nuclear, the first new Destiny's Child single in eight years, has already found its way onto the internet.

The lyrics are fantastically bollocks. "When two become one on a quantum level, it's nuclear," sing Beyonce and Michelle and Kelly. That's right, they are using nuclear fusion as a metaphor for doing it. "We both heat up," they purr, semi-accurately.

There was originally a third verse about "accelerating my particles" in a "large hard-on collider" but sadly that's been removed for the single edit*.

Sadly, the song itself is no atomic bomb. As predicted it's a mid-tempo ballad, albeit one that borrows the chunky drum loop from King Bee's Back By Dope Demand (itself a mutated sample from James Brown's Funky Drummer).

It's cold fusion rather than a nuclear blast - but DC's harmonies are supple and beautiful and, if you can ignore the lyrics, a worthy addition to their catalogue.

You can pre-order the Destiny's Child Love Songs album on Amazon for the very precise sum of £6.26.

* not really

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