Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brand new musical genre alert

Pay attention, everyone, because this sort of thing doesn't happen every day. A young MC called Scrufizzer has created an entirely new genre of music. A fresh and epic sound that will reinvigorate your eardrums.

This isn't the result of some happy accident - Scrufizzer knows exactly what he's doing. "I've got a brand new sound," he teases in a tannoy announcement introduction to his new single. "Who wants to hear my brand new sound?"

What can it be? A crocodile orchestra? A dance anthem played entirely on biscuits? Autotune baboons playing bassoons?


"This is rap rave," the MC announces proudly. "Cos when I rap, you rave."

That's right: Scrufizzer has just created the musical equivalent of "I'm John, he's Edward. And together we are..."

Besides, weren't The Shamen already making rap rave 20 years ago?

But even if Rap Rave disappoints on a revolutionary level, the song is arresting enough. Scrufizzer (real name Romani Lorenzo) has a delivery that's not a million miles away from Dizzee Rascal, and the rave klaxons are put to good use. Just don't expect a bubblewrap breakdown or a rapping sandwich.

Scrufizzer - Rap Rave

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