Friday, November 2, 2012

Vampire Weekend return with new song

It was Hallowe'en on Jimmy Fallon's show and the Vampires turned up dressed as Zombies and sounding like Mumford and Sons.

Confusing and terrifying, in so many respects.

Vampire Weekend - Unbelievers

Unbelievers, as you may have deciphered from the title, has an appropriately spiritual theme for its Hallowe'en debut. Singer Ezra Koenig seems to be struggling with the BIG QUESTIONS of FAITH and REDEMPTION. "If I'm born again, I know the world will disagree," he sings, suggesting a flirtation with religion.

But by the chorus, it seems he's decided not to go 100% Bono: "We know the fire awaits unbelievers / All of the sinners the same / Girl you and I will die unbelievers bound to the tracks of the train."

I thought atheists were more likely to struck down by lightning and sentenced to eternal damnation in hell. But maybe Koenig has studied the texts more closely than me and God is, in fact, the villain from a Charlie Chaplin movie.


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