Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Charli XCX pub quiz picture round

Did you remember to download Charli XCX's Super Ultra Mixtape when it came out on 7th November? No? Tut tut.

Well, to remind you it exists, Charli has released a video Cloud Aura - the scratchy, funky revenge song that opens the tape. Directed by horror movie buff Ryan Andrews, it splices performances with scuzzed up scenes from classic films and TV shows (mainly, it has to be said, pictures of women crying).

I can identify about half of them - but I'm completely stumped for the rest. Can you help with any of these??

1) Britney Spears
2) Bonnie & Clyde
4) Jay-Z
5) Emma Stone???
6) Carrie
8) The Terminator (first film??)
10) Pikachu / Micachu Pokémon thing
11) Casablanca, obviously
12) Haven't got a clue

Watching the video might be easier than scanning through that lo-res picture wall... So here it is. Any answers / suggestions in the comment box or on Twitter please.

Charli XCX ft Brooke Candy - Cloud Aura

You can sign up for the Super Ultra Mixtape over here.

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