Monday, November 5, 2012

New music find: Seasfire

They've been called "the dubstep Coldplay" – but before you run to the larder and stuff your ears full of butter, give Seasfire a chance (as John Lennon probably once didn't say).

The band describe themselves as "4am melancholy, drifting pianos and desolate songs of heartbreak from the shadows of Bristol", and that pretty much nails it on the head. Like their Bristolian counterparts Massive Attack and Portishead, they make great use of silence and space to draw you in to their ghostly sonic embrace.

Formed over a number of years at school and college, the quartet only started writing in earnest in July 2011. But they've done incredibly well since – their last single, Falling, made the BBC Introducing playlist, and they were asked to remix Lana Del Rey's National Anthem. So they did.

Seasfire cite Echo and the Bunnymen, Burial and Jeff Buckley among their influences, but there's clearly a debt to the minimalist soundscapes of James Blake and Radiohead in there, too.

Their new single is called We Will Wake and it's surprisingly perky despite clocking in at a sluggish 82bpm. The chorus in particular sparkles like a roman candle. Very highly recommended.

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