Friday, November 16, 2012

Miles Davis vs LCD Soundsystem and four other songs you may have missed

A semi-regular round-up of songs that I didn't have the chance to write about over the last seven days. This week's also-rans include...

1) LCD Soundsystem vs Miles Davis - New York
Allegedly created on-the-fly with no editing magic or time-stretch trickery, this is arguably the best mash-up of all time.

2) DJ Fresh Direct - Mary-Kate and Ashley
Not to be confused with "Hot Right Now" hitmaker DJ Fresh, the similarly-monikered DJ Fresh Direct is a crate digger and remixer from New York. This track, built around a sample from Jay-Z and Kanye's N****s In Paris, is a triumph of deep groove.

3) Little Mix - I Will Wait
Ever wondered what Mumford & Sons would sound like if their songs were turned into John Lewis adverts? Well, wonder no more - because Little Mix have done all the legwork for you, turning I Will Wait into a soporific, string-soaked yawnfest. NB: A good antidote to this tedious Live Lounge performance is the instrumental version of the girls' new single DNA, which was circulated heavily online earlier this week (it's also available on iTunes). A masterclass in 21st Century machinepop production.

4) Jamie Lidell - What A Shame
English musician Lidell is a cohort of Beck, Feist and Chilly Gonzales, and achieved fleeting fame with the infectiously catchy soul track Multiply in 2005. Signed to Warp Records, he's an uncommonly straightforward artist for the headache-inducing dance label. That said, his new single scores 8/10 on the weird noise-ometer before settling into a syncopated, colourful melody in the chorus. Imagine Mark Ronson fed through a paper shredder and you'll get the idea.

5) Dot Rotten - Karmageddon
This is a little more reflective and, dare I say, more gospel than Dot Rotten's previous singles. A potential crossover hit? It's just been added to the Radio One playlist, so it's entirely possible.

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