Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Everything Everything hit a cymbal very, very slowly

It sounds obvious, but the best thing about being a drummer is that you get to hit things with sticks. As an hilariously stroppy teenager, I used to work out all sorts of tantrums ("maths is so stupid," "why would anyone want socks for Christmas," etc) by thwacking the snare drum until my hands went numb. Other kids just picked fights. I think my parents might have preferred that.

Now that I am older and emotionally stable (ahem), drumming is less of a crutch, and more of an obession. I could lose hours watching Buddy Rich or Steve Gadd or Sheila E showing off their skills on YouTube.

An even more recent fascination is watching drums being played in super-slow-motion. Look at the baffling way this cymbal disorts in the milliseconds after
the drumstick lands.

(It looks more impressive in motion, I promise)

The images are from Kemosabe - the latest video by Everything Everything, who are the current European champions of polyrhythmic, limb-entangling drum patterns. The single, from their forthcoming second album Arc, is probably their most straightforward song to date. But it still jumps around like a grasshopper on a hot plate. Have a listen.

Everything Everything - Kemosabe

BONUS CONTENT: Here's a 1,000 fps video of a cymbal being struck. It's basically drummer porn.

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