Monday, October 8, 2012

The Dum Dum Girls: Lord Knows

I'm a bit late to this one (apparently it first came out in July) but I'm really enjoying the new single from the California's The Dum Dum Girls.

Lord Knows is a brooding ballad, drenched in Leader Of The Pack echo. Some reviewers have noted its similarity to Tommy and the Shondelles' megahit Crimson and Clover, and there's definitely a touch of Blondie at their CBGB best.

It all makes sense when you discover the record was produced by Richard Gottehrer, who ponked the buttons for Blondie's debut album, and then the Go-Go's debut album. He also set up Sire Records with Seymour Stein, unleashing Madonna on an unsuspecting world.

Lead singer Dee Dee Penny describes how the legendary producer stopped the band from being identikit jingly-jangly indie chicks with one salient piece of advice: "He told me how it's really important to have a distinctive voice," she told Self-Titled. "Like Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders - you hear it and you know exactly who it is."

"Richard said, 'Keep her in mind, and have that intensity in mind.'"

With all of those top drawer influences, how could you not want to listen to the following song? I only hope I haven't built your hopes too high.

The Dum Dum Girls - Lord Knows

PS: How can you not love a band that dresses in black and white? If it was good enough for The Hives...

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