Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Something kinda due

After a brief flutter of anticipation, the Girls Aloud website relaunched this morning with... a 10-day countdown timer (and what appears to be a blurry picture of someone's arm).

So while we twiddle our thumbs and fingers, let's look at some of the FACTS surrounding their comeback.

1) The countdown timer ends on 19th October. That, fact fans, is the date the girls gave their first individual live performance on Popstars: The Rivals and, one presumes, is their official 10th Anniversary.

2) That first week of live shows nearly saw Kimberley Walsh eliminated. Imagine how different history would have been - ie very slightly different.

3) Back in March, Nadine told 'friend to the stars' Dean Piper that fans should expect "one or two singles I would think." Which raises the prospect of a greatest hits album with a few new songs tacked on the end.

4) Then Xenomania, who wrote all the best Girls Aloud songs, confirmed on Twitter that they’d been in the studio with the band in May. They subsequently deleted the statement in a panic, but not before 'someone close to the band' retweeted it.

5) Interestingly, when I interviewed Cheryl a few weeks later she took a very staunch line that "we haven't recorded anything".

Now, the girls usually record their vocals separately, so maybe Cheryl didn't know about the sessions at that stage; or maybe she was being a professional, and trying to keep the focus of the interview on her solo album.

But she did say this: "My girls, Girls Aloud, are like my sisters. They're the closest girlfriends I have and that seems like it's hard for people to understand. But we've been through life changing stuff... we've grown up with each other from teenagers to women. That's very bonding."

6) Girls Aloud are now on Twitter @girlsaloud, which is quite sensible when you think about it.

7) They may (or may not) be releasing a single for Children In Need and may (or may not) be embarking on an arena tour next year. You can't believe what you read in the papers these days, as you might have noticed if you’d paid any attention to Hugh Grant prattling on about it for what feels like the last eighteen years.

8) Ten is the number of times Nadine Coyle has accidentally lost her passport down the back of a sofa.

9) Ten is also the number of pounds in Sarah Harding's bank account.

10) This is the best pop song of the 21st Century.

Girls Aloud – Biology


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