Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rudimental's striking new video

Wow. Brilliant. You don't expect to see a furious polemic about the children of the third world slums when you sit down to watch a music video with your 11 o'clock eccles cake, but it's just happened to me.

Now, don't be put off - because the video, for Rudimental's new single Not Giving In, is a superb piece of work: Slumdog Millionaire meets Oliver Twist via... erm, Step Up 2 The Streets.

Directed by British photographer Josh Cole, it tells the story of two brothers, raised by a drug addict father who abuses their mother. After they flee for the streets of Manila, the sibling's stories are told in parallel: One escapes by joining a street dance crew, but his brother follows a much darker path.

Rudimental - Not Giving In (ft John Newman and Alex Clare)

The video is loosely based on the story of global B-boy champion Mouse, whose mother abandoned him to hustle on the streets the Philippines when he was just eight years old. He became involved in the local dance scene, while his brother sank into addiction. Eventually, when he was 16, his mother sought him out and brought him to live with her in Birmingham, where he was able to pursue a professional career as a breakdancer.

Mouse has a cameo in the Rudimental video, but here he is in "real life".


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