Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ria Ritchie: Something About You video

I was listening to Ria Ritchie's Something About You last week when someone said, "I didn't know Katy B had a new single out".

It's not an unfair point. Both artists weld clattering breakbeats to finessed, soulful vocals. And both are haunted by the chunky piano chords of the 90s rave scene they are too young to have experienced, except by watching old KLF videos on YouTube (I can highly recommend this, by the way).

The point is: If you like Katy B, you're going to like Ria Ritchie. The South Londoner has just released the video for Something About You, which is her first "proper" single after an EP and a duet with Disclosure earlier this year. It's largely event-free, but here are some of the standfout scenes.

Ria sings facing away from a wall

Ria sings facing towards a wall

Ria sings next to a canal

Ria sings while waiting for the chauffeur to load her groceries into the car

As you can imagine, Lady Gaga is watching this over and over, furiously scribbling down notes for her next video.

Ria Ritchie - Something About You

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