Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New talent alert: Nina Nesbitt

Allow me to introduce you to Nina Nesbitt, an up-and-coming singer whose name sounds pleasingly like an ambulance siren.

The Scottish teenager was raised on Abba and Roxy Music by her pop-loving parents. She only started playing live last May, but by the summer she'd been spotted by Ed Sheeran. That led to a support slot on tour and a cameo in his Drunk video. Now she has a recording contract with Island Records. Funny how these things work out.

But you don't need me to tell you the details - here's what Nina in her own words, talking about her stellar rise to almost-fame and some other stuff, cherry-picked from press interviews and public statements "to date".

:: I used to write short stories at the age of about six or seven. Just really bad stories. As I grew older, I got a little keyboard and started plunking away on that, learning bits. I put stories to songs and that's how that came about. Over the years I developed that and picked up the guitar 3 years ago. That is when my song writing really took shape. [Fistful Of Sound]

:: I once broke my arm [while] rollerblading down a steep hill, getting pulled by a skipping rope, shouting faster. I was a fearless child. [Coup De Main magazine]

:: I wouldn’t like to be Adele's ex-boyfriend but my album is a break-up album, too. Her music is a lot more mature. She was 21 when she released her most recent album and I'm only 18. [Daily Record]

:: Child having a tantrum on the train, he's not allowed to go to the zoo now :( [Twitter]

:: I used to do gymnastics for Scotland. I trained all the time and I was going to go to the Commonwealth Games but I decided to do music instead. [Undersong]

:: My biggest musical iPod influences right now are Bon Iver, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons, Laura Marling, Lissie... to Example... to Nirvana. I like variety. [Soundhall]

:: My favourite pancake topping is actually syrup. [YouTube]

:: I dislike butterflies immensely, unless they're in my stomach. [Twitter]

So that's Nina Nesbitt in a nutshell. You can have a listen to her song now. It's called Boy, and it's available from all good download stores today.

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