Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New from Lana Del Rey: Yayo

Yayo is a track on the Christmas cash-in edition of Lana Del Rey's Born To Die album. Amazingly, it's not completely rubbish.

Her lyrical touchstones are all present and correct - trashy glamour, cinematic criminality and supplication to an unseen lover ("let me dance for you, daddy" - urgh).

But musically, it's a fresh direction - ditching the hip-hop affectations of Lana's previous singles to present a bare bones jazz melody whispered over a brushed snare and melancholy, minor-key strings.

This video has just cropped up on Vimeo, from an account created two days ago. My bat sense is telling it's unofficial, but whoever put it together has done a pretty decent job.

UPDATE: The Vimeo clip got taken down. It's since resurfaced on YouTube (see below) but don't expect it to hand around too long...

Yayo (Official Music Video) from lanaissues

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