Monday, October 1, 2012

Little Mix are not genetic scientists, apparently

Little Mix have today "unveiled" their second single (third if you count the X Factor winner's single, which no-one does). It is called DNA and, if it isn't quite as "look-at-me" brilliant as Wings, it's still an example of a pop group getting it very right.

The lyrics expose the Little Mixers as proponents of psychological nativism: They believe their boyfriends are perfect because it is hard-wired into their DNA. You can imagine the fights this must have caused with Tulisa - a staunch empiricist, whose personal experience has taught her you can rise above your inherited genetic traits to make summink of yourself.

Sigmund Freud, as Madonna would say, analyse this.

Now, Little Mix are canny enough to mention they do not have a "first degree" in molecular biology (honestly, it's in the second verse of DNA) but you would be surprised to learn how many modern pop stars have studied the subject. Many of your favourite songs, in fact, are directly inspired by genetic research. For example...

:: I'm So Tired Of Being A Clone - Al Green
:: Sexual Helix - Marvin Gaye
:: Jump In The Gene Pool - Friendly Fires
:: We Call It Deoxyribonucleic Acieeeeeed - D-Mob
:: Tiger Foetus - Mud
:: Billy Gene - Michael Jackson
:: The Polynucleotide Is High - Blondie
:: Every DNA Is A Winding Road - Sheryl Chro-mosome
:: Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy, as Jeremy Kyle proved with this paternity test - Kid Creole and the Coconuts [ok, that's quite enough now - Ed]

Little Mix - DNA (lyric video)

DNA is out on 12 November. An album of the same name follows a week later - and it has a duet with T-Boz out of TLC on it. I shit you not.

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