Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Later... With Jools is now on YouTube

If, like most normal people, you can't bear to switch over to BBC Two on Friday nights in case you accidentally catch Paul Morley jizzing himself over "the concept of the album" on The Late Review, a VERY GOOD THING has just happened.

With the new series of Later... With Jools, the producers have started* to upload a selection of tracks from each show directly onto YouTube. Admittedly, regular people have been doing this for about a half-a-decade now, but now it's less likely that the videos will be blockier than a game of Tetris.

As if to prove how good this innovation is, the team have just published videos of Jessie "eyebrows" Ware, Sharon "wash your hair, love" Van Etten and The "you could also do with a shampoo" Vaccines - all of whom were excellent on last night's live show.

Here's the proof.

Jessie Ware - Wildest Moment (live on Later)

Sharon Van Etten - Serpent (live on Later)

The Vaccines - Teenage Icon (live on Later)

* Or maybe they've been doing it for ages and I haven't noticed.

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