Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jack White has got the shakes

When he's not busy dressing up like Edward Scissorhands, Jack White seems to be having a blast making videos for his first solo album, Blunderbuss.

On Sixteen Saltines, he let a bunch of feral kids burn him alive. On Freedom at 21, he was cavorting with ludicrously nubile policewomen, while channeling the spirit of Michael Jackson. For new single, I'm Shaking, he's having a musical duel... with himself.

I think I'd like to be Jack White for a day or two.

Jack White - I'm Shaking

Mind you, I'm equally impressed with this fan-made video I stumbled across on YouTube.

The creator, who goes by the "handle" WakkereSamson, explains: "When I first heard this song it immediately made me think of the Soul Train line dance. I bought the song on iTunes, did some Apple stuff to the clip, et voilá, here you go!"

And if you're thinking to yourself "wait just one cotton-picking minute, I have heard this song somewhere before" you would be right.

The original, by Little Willie John, was released in 1960. A swampy R&B groove, it's not as high-octane blow-your-socks-off thrilling as Jack White's version - but it's fun to discover that both singers pronounce "nervous" as "noivous".

A forgotten classic.

Little Willie John - I'm Shakin'

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