Thursday, October 18, 2012

Holy Guacamole, it's Holy Ghost

You may remember Holy Ghost from that song that sounded like LCD Soundsystem and that other song that sounded like LCD Soundsystem. Well, here they are with their first new material in over year and guess what it sounds like? Nana Mouskouri.

Oh, alright. I am pulling your legs off. But, hey, if James Murphy is going to take all his toys home and cry like a baby, I'm happy these guys are around to keep the fun going. Their new record is called It Gets Dark and, appropriately enough, it heralds a more ominous tone in the Brooklyn duo's music. There's even a hint of Joy Division in the lonely twang of those guitars.

Best moment: "A, B, C, D / You won't use that school degree".
Other best moment: The bit where it sounds like LCD Soundsystem.

Head over to DFA's webstore to pre-order on the MP3 or the 12 inch, depending on your format preferences and wallet size.

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