Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Her name is Fallulah

That lady swinging her hair around like a wet dog is Fallulah. Fallulah is the stage name of Danish pop star Maria Apetri, who has made a bigger impact in her homeland than Sofie Gråbøl's chunky knitwear collection.

Her debut album, The Black Cat Neighbourhood, spawned a number one single, and earned a clutch of Danish Grammy nominations. She's just come back with the first evidence of a follow-up. It's called Superfishyality and here's what I could find out about it via Danish website Sound Venue and Google Translate.

Who knew Fallulah was also a more than habil dancer? Not me. But in the video for the singer's new single 'Superfishiality' will be danced crazy with some blonde clones, and even swung a fist or two, when there are disputes on the basketball court. On the number continues Fallulah in roughly the same track as the acclaimed debut and running with beating drums, the subdued verses into an energetic chorus that takes the use of 'la-la-la' to new heights. Quite rosy, it is not because the text and title covers Fallulahs grim discovery of the music industry's superficial back. Fallulahs second album coming in early 2013, and was in consequence singer even become a more understated and subdued affair.

If your knowledge of Danish music only extends to Aqua, then fear not. Fallulah takes her cues from Feist and Lykke Li: Kinky, percussive pop with a direct connection to the melody centres of your brain. "I like music because... it likes me," she says.

Fallulah - Superfishiality

Oh, and that name? "It was just a word that got stuck in my head," according to her record label biography. "Fallulah isn't a different person. It's a name that represents me and the music together as a unit. Maybe taking that name helped me muster the courage to do this."

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