Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Girls Aloud - Something New (official audio)

It's really rather good, you know...

:: Not a ballad!
:: Kimberley rapping!
:: Nicola rapping!
:: Cheryl just shouting at the top of her voice like a mentalist!
:: "We're the leaders of the pack. Boy, you'd better watch your back."
:: It stops! It starts!
:: The great big black hole of suspense just before the first chorus.
:: The "follow the leader" cheergirl chant at the end.
:: Presumably not a Children In Need single.

Welcome back, ladies. We have missed you.

Girls Aloud - Something New

Now, there was a fair bit of carping on Twitter last night after a lo-quality version of the track leaked. I agree, that version seemed rather underwhelming. But if you ramp up the quality to 1080p on the YouTube clip, suddenly the bass kicks in and the song takes off. This is a club stomper, in the mold of Something Kinda Ooooh (the band's favourite song in their back catalogue, apparently).

Admittedly, Something New is no Biology or Love Machine. Once everything settles down, I reckon it'll sit just above Sexy No! No! No! in the all-time Girls Aloud Top 20.

And let's not forget, the second single off a Girls Aloud album is traditionally the best.

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