Monday, September 17, 2012

That's how it goes in the wild, wild west

I spent an entire evening watching videos of The Staves on YouTube last week. It taught me two things:

1) Lots of The Staves' songs are played on just two guitar strings.
2) I should never, ever try to sing harmonies.

The band's debut album, Dead & Born & Grown, is released in November, around the time they support Bon Iver on his European tour tour. Those of you who've heard the band's two EPs will already know what to expect: Impeccably sung, beautifully strummed, blissful campfire folk (Advisory: one of the tracks contains whistling).

The sisters have just released the video for their latest single, Tongue Behind My Teeth - or as the video would have it "Lengua Detras De Los Dientes". It's a Spanish-themed, guns-ahoy, Spaghetti Western-fest with the trio sporting Stetsons and shooting up a caboose.

Basically, it's a music video version of that film Wild, Wild West - but without Salma Hayek or the big metal spider.

The Staves - Tongue Behind My Teeth

There's gold in them thar hills, etc...

More about the Staves on their official website.

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