Friday, September 7, 2012

Shock news: Cher Lloyd in 'shockingly good song' shock

The Gamma Rays that blasted Cher Lloyd's 747 as it crossed the Atlantic must have been surprisingly strong. Because somehow, when she landed in Los Angeles, all traces of "swag" and "being teeth-gratingly irritating" had been entirely erased.

The first evidence was her superb cover of Usher's OMG, which I posted back in May. Now there's a new single, Oath, that is not only catchy and cute, but fulfills the promise of that X Factor audition two years ago.

Sugary sweet and aimed straight at Hannah Montana's teenpop jugular, the Dr Luke-produced track also makes a virtue of Cher's mangled, bratty rap stylings (there's also a verse from Becky Gomez, who looks a lot like Selena Gomez but apparently has nothing to do with her).

Oath premiered on New York's Z100 yesterday and they've played it more than half-a-dozen times since then. Given that the station pretty much dictates the pop charts at the moment, that bodes well for Lloyd's US career.

Obviously, this song won't be for everyone - but fans of Avril Lavigne, Ke$ha and their "ilk" will find a lot to love about it. Hark at the branded Z100 player below.

Cher Lloyd - Oath

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