Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guetta grip

I wrote a big thing about David Guetta being like the Great Wall Of China: Immense, monolithic and unchanging. Then I deleted it because it was (a) a horrible metaphor, and (b) pretentious bollocks.

The point was that, although Guetta's songs all sound the same, they are spectacularly well-built pop tunes. He is the Stock Aitken and Waterman of "EDM". He is the Alfred Hitchcock of "the drop". He is the Phil Spector of Ibiza, haircut-wise.

What I love about the French DJ is that he makes no attempt to disguise the fact he's sticking to a formula. His follow-up to last year's album Nothing But The Beat is called Nothing But the Beat 2.0. For the lead single Every Chance We Get We Run, he trades brilliant-but-underappreciated singer Sia for brilliant-but-underappreciated duo Tegan and Sara, but that's the only appreciable change.

Tegan and Sara teased the song on their Twitter feed last week, and now the full thing has emerged. You won't be surprised, but you will enjoy.

David Guetta ft Tegan And Sara - Every Chance We Get We Run

PS: Not content with a whole new album, Guetta is apparently remixing every track on M.I.A's new record, Matangi. According to this website, her hilarious nickname for the producer is David Forguetta Boutit. Oh dear.

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