Monday, September 10, 2012

Exposure for Disclosure

When they're not busy scribbling over their press shots with a Tipp-Ex pen, Disclosure are squirreling away making pop tunes with a dubstep inflection, in a style that I like to call popstep because I am very imaginative and creative.

Their last single, Control (ft Ria Ritchie), was good enough to be played on Radio One a couple of times. OK, that's not so much setting the bar low as dismantling the bar and throwing it over the wall, but the it's better than, say, being posted on Perez Hilton's "blog".

In the last few months, the band (who are brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence) have been signed to Jessie Ware's record label, the achingly-hip PMR Records. And now they've got a new single, called Latch. A hugely enjoyable bag of hooks and bloops, it's roughly 50% SBTRKT, 40% Sam Sparro and 10% The Artful Dodger ft Romina Johnson.

Guest vocals come from Sam Smith, about whom Google knows NOTHING. I'm secretly hoping it's this guy.

Here is the single. Here is the single. Here is the single.

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