Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big tune alert: Ria Ritchie

For those of you who aren't aware of Ria Ritchie already, let's go over the basics. She plays guitar, she sings, her brother is Hollywood heartthrob Reece Ritchie, and she is a (brace yourselves) YouTube sensation.

Luckily, Ms Ritchie is a YouTube sensation in the style of cute cats and Lady Gaga videos, not Justin Bieber or this guy.

You may have heard Ria doing guest vocals on Disclosure's popstep donkathon Control earlier this summer. Sara Cox once said she liked it a lot. And, bless her cotton socks, Ria recorded Sara's endorsement off the radio and put it on her soundcloud page. Isn't that sweet?

Hailing from Suffolk, Ria was discovered by Plan B, with whom she has some great songs on her forthcoming album. She promises that record will be "acoustic pop and soul and Motown but edgier". Strangely, her new single sounds nothing like that.

The 24-year-old says Something About You started off as a soul track in the Cee-Lo Green "vein" but at some point they decided to turn it into a 90s rave track (as you do).

You can still trace the song's origins through the chunky gospel piano chords, but basically this is an arms-in-the-air, legs akimbo barnstormer. Here it is getting its world premiere of Rrrrrradio 1 Xtra.

Ria Ritchie - Something About You


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