Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How a writing camp resulted in Labrinth's new single

Young Timothy McKenzie (aka Labrinth) has been successful enough to warrant a fifth single from his generally-quite-good debut album, Electronic Earth.

Treatment is the one where he indulges his inner angsty rock star and breaks out the axe. It's more Maroon 5 than AC/DC, though, so none of his fans are likely to be scared away...

When I spoke to Labrinth earlier this year, he mentioned the song was the by-product of a writing camp he attended in Nashville, the mecca of country music. Here’s how he described it.

"I went out there and we wrote songs – just piano, guitar, song. I was working with Josh Kear, Luke Laird and loads of big country writers.

"It wasn't a camp. We didn't come out with millions of songs. Some of the songs weren't amazing. But in terms of what I heard and what I learnt, it was very raw: Let's learn the bare minimum of how to create a song so people really understand what you're saying, how to write a punchline, all that kind of stuff.

Does anyone else fancy getting together for one of these songwriting seminars? I bet if we all tried really, really hard, we could write a credible Saturdays B-side.

Labrinth - Treatment

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