Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Got my headphones on, my hand in my pocket"

She describes herself as "Eminem meets Sade" and declares "I'd love to work with Madonna. That would be like having sex with chocolate." Her name is Anjulie, and she's an aspiring pop star with a brand new record deal from Universal Music.

Raised in Canada by Guyanese parents, Anjulie went to a performing arts school as a child, but quit "because it was too cheesy". She spent the next couple of years watching Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope Tour DVD in slow-motion so she could learn the dance moves, an endeavour of which I heartily approve.

Although the ink is barely dry on her major label contract, she's been knocking around on smaller imprints for a few years. In fact, her seductive, jazzy single Boom got a nomination for an MTV breakthrough award in 2009.

Anjulie - Boom

I don't know what's happened in the intervening three years, but Anjulie seems to have suddenly become (a) Rihanna and (b) utterly filthy. [surely these are the same thing? Ed]

Last year's taster single Brand New Bitch was a pre-watershed Nicki Minaj dance track, co-written with Michael Zitron (Avicii, Swedish House Mafia).

But her new single Headphones is the one that promises to turn her into an international star. Fusing Alanis Morisette's Hand In My Pocket to a lurid club beat, it's a censor-baiting anthem to hedonism. Check out the video below.

Anjulie - Headphones

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