Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Azealia Banks causes a splash

Rapper Azealia Banks seems to spend as much time firing managers and appearing in glossy fashion magazines as she does making actual music. All of her best tracks - 212, L8R, Liquorice and new single Van Vogue have been floating around since the start of the year. The Fantasea mixtape, released for free last month, may be an acceptable stopgap for the hardcore - but where's all the crossover material she's allegedly been working on with Paul Epworth? We want the hooks, goddamit.

Anyway, here's the video for the minimalistic, clicky Van Vogue, which first came out on the New Yorker's 1991 EP in May. The title is appropriate, as the song recreates the hypnotic house stylings that (eventually) gave rise to Madonna's similarly-named number one... although Azealia's track is more Frankie Knuckles than Shep Pettibone, house-music-producer-fans.

Like the video for Liquorice, this was directed by noted fashion photographer Rankin, whose knack for iconography is put to full use.

Best bit: Woof!

Azealia Banks - Van Vogue


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