Thursday, August 9, 2012

Apparently Gotye has some other songs, too...

The success of Somebody That I Used To Know has been so overwhelming that I entirely missed Gotye's follow-up single, Easy Way Out. That came out in February, accompanied by a clever stop-motion video starring multiple semi-naked Gotyes going about their daily business before meeting a horrific plasticine-based death.

Gotye - Easy Way Out

Hopefully the next single from the Aussie singer's Making Mirrors album won't disappear quite as quickly, as it's definitely worthy of your time.

Save Me is the counter-weight to Somebody That I Used To Know, where a couple find strength and succour in each other's arms, instead of breaking apart like a jelly in a fan.

You gave me love
When I could not love myself
And you made me turn
From the way I saw myself
And your patient love
Helped me help myself
You save me

The video is another little work of art - produced Piepants Animation, who won a YouTube animation award last year with the world's most elaborate doodle of a sidewalk. I'm not sure what relevance the images are supposed to have to the song, but we get to see Gotye being built out of scribbles, cardboard and rashers of bacon. Amazing.

Gotye - Save Me

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