Monday, July 23, 2012

The Benga Bus is coming...

Jigga slurp jigga
Erg N-n-ner-n-n-ner

Ah, the mellifluous sounds of dubstep. How little they have evolved. Even after Britney and Madonna appropriated all the good bits, the genre has stubbornly refused to make any changes to its basic template. Wub Wub nyerrrrr.

It seems bizarre. This is exactly what killed garage and 2-step "back in the day". But still the dubsteppers keep plugging away with the same old noises - digga jeeeoowwwrrrgh - unaware that the ship has sailed and they're in the wrong ferry terminal. Probably because their ipod sounds just like a ferry running aground on the shores of hell. Gnrghgnrgh Dububub Splooosh (Meow).

But while the genre dies a protracted, irritating death we're still due a few good singles. Here's one of them: Benga's Pour Your Love, which has a stirring soul vocal from Sweden's Marlene Strand - pictured above.

Benga ft Marlene - Pour Your Love

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